Welcome to Together With Dogs

UPDATE: Wow, we finally did it! We’ve completed the first part of our mission of bringing back this great dog blog. We’ve also added new helpful articles to start getting this site well on it’s way to becoming an important part of getting this site to being a great dog resource.

Don’t worry, we are not going to stop. Stick around to see more and more great information added.

Why is this blog called “Together With Dogs”?

It’s because of a base idea of dogs and people are not separate. We need each other to be able to exist in this world. Dogs help us as much as we help them. We want the best for our dogs and our dogs want the best for us.

If we are together, then we both will be able to live together happily. Dogs are, after all, members of our family. That’s the basics of what this site is based around. It doesn’t matter which dog breed you live with, we focus on great content that will work with all types.