Puppy Mills

Why Not a Pet Store Puppy?

Starvation in Puppy MillMy focus here is a big one.  Don’t buy a puppy from a pet store.  Get your new puppy from a shelter, a rescue, or a breeder, not a pet store.  This topic certainly isn’t new and is written about time and time again because it needs to constantly be out there in our faces.  This is why I write this post.

Despite all the work animal activates do, pet stores continue to sell puppies that ultimately come from puppy mills or backyard breeders.  Pet stores can get these puppies cheap and make a profit and that’s their only motivation.

The dog you are most likely to end up with will have poor health physically and mentally as an adult.  If that’s not bad enough, your puppy probably came from a puppy mill where dogs lead their entire lives in misery with little human contact and no affection.  Puppy mills are run by people who have no regard for life and regard profit (as little as it is) as an easy way to live.

The numbers continue to be staggering with millions of dogs from puppy mills for sale in pet stores across the country.  Every time someone walks to the back of the store, peers through the glass at the stacks of cages and says “oh my.  Look at the puppy.  He’s so cute I just have to have him”fuels the proliferation of puppy mills and backyard breeders.

Daily across the country thousands of people get hooked into buying from a pet store.  They feel sorry for the puppy in the cage (so do I) and just have to have it and in their excitement the sales person jumps up to tell you the puppy is registered with the CKC so it is guaranteed to be physically and mentally healthy.  They tell you the price that is lower than your local responsible breeder and the sale is made.

Here are some popular responses to questions posed to pet stores in the USA, and remain largely the same in Canada.

All the CKC papers mean is that the puppy is purebred and the parents are CKC registered, nothing more than that.  We can even go a step further to say that some Mills and backyard breeders register more puppies that are born so they have extra papers to give you with your UNregistered puppy.

Reputable breeders keep meticulous records in effort to keep the breed healthy and clean, they care about their dogs and the puppies, but usually this isn’t so important to mills and backyard breeders, so even if your puppy is registered as purebred, it may not be.

Breed dogs from puppy mills go through hell and back again.  A female will be bred every heat cycle she has until she is completely worn out, then she will be deemed useless and killed.  Conditions at the puppy mill are usually your worse nightmare with disease and filth everywhere, dogs cowering in corners trembling with fear, sadness, stress, and disease.

Take action against puppy mills and backyard breeders. Here are some links to help you get started.

Canadian Federation of Humane Societies