Dog Rescue

Hush and the Camera Toting Dogs

Hush the rapperWho is that guy to the left?  I have to admit I had no idea who ‘Hush’ was until I started reading his story.  He’s stepping up for stray dogs in Detroit because the city hasn’t been able to and don’t agree with how he wants to do it.

Back in January ‘Hush’ wanted to put together a TV series called “It’s a Dog’s Life”, but the city of Detroit squashed it.  They say his methods which include putting cameras on the dogs and filming their daily lives put the dogs and the citizens of Detroit in danger.  Come on, in Detroit you’re more in danger of getting mugged on your front porch by a person than a stray dog looking for food.

Detroit has what is estimated to be up to 50,000 stray dogs roaming the city, most making the very plentiful abandon buildings their homes.  They have no alternative because Detroit has only 3 shelters in the city and 13 officers to round them up.  I’m not sure if I was a dog I would want to go to a shelter in Detroit considering that 90% of dogs they get they euthanize.  Great system eh?

So ‘Hush’ a local rapper has been driving around the city, going into these abandoned buildings leaving food for the dogs.  He takes sick dogs to the vet, and collects the dogs who have died either by starvation or freezing to death.  It’s a mammoth task that he cannot possibly win with these staggering numbers of homeless dogs, but he’s going to try and want’s the city to step up.

“A Dog’s Life” was intended to show life in Detroit from the homeless dog’s point of view as well as show ‘Hush’and his group doing what they do by going into these abandoned buildings, feeding, helping the sick, and removing the dead.  He wants to show a TV audience what happens when people dump their pet dog somewhere because they can’t afford to feed it anymore or what happens to their dog when they abandon it when they move.

The City of Detroit said no to his TV show saying it’s bad for the public, the dogs and for the city’s image.  The city’s image?  Detroit’s image is already in the toilet isn’t it?

This is absurd, how many documentaries have been produced showing what life is like in Detroit from a homeless person’s perspective?  More than I can count and each one sheds light on a growing problem and they help?

The stray dog population isn’t just a Detroit problem, but due to a number of hard economic times up to 50,000 stray dogs I think is a big problem.

If you want, you can look ‘Hush’ up on you tube to see his “It’s a Dog’s Life’ promo videos.  I decided against putting one up here because they certainly aren’t for the faint of heart.

I just don’t see how this TV series would damage Detroit’s image.  On the contrary.  It would show they are going to make a positive difference.  Wouldn’t you think?