The Latest on Juno and Her Heart Murmur

The latest on Juno our now 4mo old Boxer girl is getting better and I wanted to post an update on her.  Earlier I wrote that she had a cardiac ultrasound to discover just how serious her heart murmur was.  It was serious but the Cardiologist said she had cautious optimism about her future.

It was a few days after that appointment that I got a call from our vet to let me know he received the report and he gave me his take on it.  Although a category 4 heart murmur is reason for serious concern, he is more than cautiously optimistic about our little girl.  Vet to vet and reading between the lines of the report has given him reason to tell us that he is pretty optimistic.

Juno girl is now a whopping 39lb, a great wrestler as Sisko, curled up on the couch can attest to, and now has given herself the name of Queen of the Dog Park and apparently there is no discussion about it.

She has still shown no symptoms of her heart murmur so we remain pretty optimistic and treat her just like Sisko.  Obedience school starts for her Today.

There’s a new song out that I really love and sort of associated our feelings about Juno with it.  It’s called Change of Seasons and it’s by Sweet Thing.  You’ve probably not heard of them because they are a new little known band from Toronto.  I took a few of the lyrics and changed them just a bit to sum up what Juno herself would be telling us.

You want to give love but you fear it
Your attention’s been shifted
You summed up the feeling
With a simple submission

Whoa, yeah
Where we going I don’t know
So daddy won’t you let it go?
mommy won’t you let it go?

Cause inside you’re working
You’re mending what’s broken,
But our love is easy
It grows with seasons

Don’t you worry
Won’t you let it go,
Mommy don’t worry
Just let it go, let it go

Don’t you worry

At first when we learned of her heart problem I wondered if it was safe for me to give her the love she needs and deserves, but that feeling didn’t last long and both Martine and I are as crazy about her as we are for Sisko.  Juno is getting all the love in the world.